Adult Sailing Programs

Programs for beginner to advanced sailors

Adult sailing programs for beginner to advanced and racing sailors.

Sailing is an exhilarating sport. Navigating over the water with the power of the wind and the sounds of the waves lapping against a boat is uplifting and relaxing. Sailing is also a rare sport where you can participate with family and friends of all ages and can be enjoyed for a lifetime. You are never too old to start and you’re never old enough to stop!

We offer programs for all ages on all skill levels. Let Sail Newport introduce you to this active and beautiful sport. If you already have some experience sailing but haven’t been for a while, a refresher course is waiting for you.

Learn to sail or advance your skills
Learning to sail can be easy, fun and affordable. Throughout the summer, Sail Newport’s adult sailing program offers sessions of individualized instruction aboard our fleet of J/22s and a Rhodes 19. All levels of skill are offered with the flexibility to take as many sessions as you wish when you wish. Morning and evening group lessons on weekdays and weekends are offered, as well as private instruction at the customer’s convenience.

One Hour Refresher 
Some of our customers with prior experience simply need a refresher, and an hour on the water with an instructor is enough to get you back up to speed, comfortable with our boats and sailing area.

Sail on your own – Rent a sailboat
If you already know how to sail, rent a sailboat!  A practical check-out sail demonstrating competence to safely manage the boat on your own is required before you first rent a boat each season.