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Newport Harbor Memorial Boat Parade

June 6, 2021, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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Boat Parade Line-up – FINAL Boat Parade List Sunday

Boat Parade Route Harbor Map – Boat Parade Route Map

Skippers’ Meeting, Fri., June 4, 2021, 1200 – Click Here

View boat parade registered boats and those being honored – Click Here

Charities and more information on honorees – Click Here

NOTE:  Registration for the Boat Parade is closed due to the fact that we have achieved our maximum entries. We are so excited that this event has been enthusiastically embraced by the boating community.  Please watch the parade from points around the harbor.  

If you are interested in getting on a boat, we have complimentary seats available courtesy of Oldport Marine on the Amazing Grace until filled, please email: mattgineo@gmail.com

A group of community boaters has joined Sail Newport to organize a Newport Harbor Memorial Boat Parade for Sunday, June 6, starting at 5:30 p.m. The parade will pay tribute to members of the community who passed away in 2020 and 2021.

Brad Read, Sail Newport’s executive director was inspired to create the memorial boat parade because of the loss of opportunities to gather due to pandemic restrictions.

“We’ve lost so many people over the past year who had an enormous impact on all aspects of our community, the boat parade will be a meaningful tribute and an opportunity for all of us to spend time together to remember our loved colleagues, friends and family members,” says Brad Read, Sail Newport executive director.

The Newport Memorial Boat parade can be viewed from points surrounding the waterfront in Newport Harbor. Spectators are reminded to adhere to state and city guidelines for COVID safety.

Parade Route:
The boat parade will navigate clockwise around Newport Harbor and will start at Goat Island then proceed past the Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard,  State Pier 9, Newport Yacht Club, The Newport Harbormaster’s Office, Bowen’s and Bannister’s wharves, Hammetts Wharf,  IYRS, Casey’s Marina, Ida Lewis Yacht Club, New York Yacht Club,  Sail Newport and end at Fort Adams State Park.

Radio Coverage: Listen to parade commentary on WADK-AM Radio (1540) starting at 5:30 p.m.

Welcome to the inaugural Newport Memorial Boat Parade

VHF Channel: 71

Rendezvous time:  5:00 – 5:15 p.m.

Rendezvous location: Mitchell’s Rock (between Rose and Goat Islands)

Parade starts: 5:30 p.m.

Parade duration: Appx. 1.5 hours

Parade route: Clockwise around Newport Harbor starting near Goat Island, Line-up will be emailed to registered boats on or by Friday June 4. Please tune into our orientation meeting on Friday June 4 at 12:00 p.m. via Zoom. A recording will be available.

Parade order: Will be posted here and emailed on on before June 4 to your contact email addresses listed in registration

Speed Requirements:   Harbor no wake, speed limit 5, keep three to five boat lengths between each vessel depending on maneuverability

Flag Etiquette: All boats are encourage to dress ship, see “Frequently Asked Questions” for further details

Sound Etiquette: Can I fire cannons or use horns while remembering those lost? Please see “Frequently Asked Questions” for further details

Sustainability Plan:  Please do not throw anything into the harbor, even flowers.  Balloons are also discouraged they create a problem for marine life.

Rain Date/Weather Advisories: VHF 71

COVID Guidelines

The Newport Memorial Boat parade can be viewed from points surrounding the waterfront in Newport Harbor. Spectators and boaters are reminded to adhere to state and city guidelines for COVID safety.

To make this a safe event, we will adhere to state guidelines for boaters.

Private Boats

  1. Guidelines established and published by DEM here.

Party and Charter Boats

  1. Guidelines established by the state are here
Adrienne Krueger Bowen’s Wharf Co..
Ann Souder Seamen’s Church Institute of Newport
Avery “Whip” Seaman Oliver Hazard Perry RI, Inc.
Bart Dunbar Bowen’s Wharf Co.
Commodore Betsy Green Newport Yacht Club
Bill Doyle Performance Research
Brad Read Sail Newport
Chuck Moffitt Newport Yachting Ctr Marina
Colin Kane Peregrine Group
Daniel White RI DEM Environmental Police
Emily Greagori Sail Newport
Evan  Smith Discover Newport
Eve Formisano Sail Newport
Hannah Lasorsa Sail Newport
Heather Ruhsam  The Sailing Museum/Nat’l Sailing Hall of Fame 
Jay Coogan  IYRS School of Technology and Trade 
Kathryn Farrington Discover Newport
Katie Barker The Sailing Museum/Nat’l Sailing Hall of Fame
Kim  Cooper Sail Newport
Kim Hapgood Sail Newport
Linda Lindquist-Bishop Courageous Thinking, Inc. 
Matthew Gineo Oldport Marine Services, Inc. 
Michel Schipritt RI DEM Environmental Police
Nick Ewenson  Sail Newport
Paul Buttrose  ITMA 
Paul Gallahue Ida Lewis Yacht Club
Sallyanne Santos Int’l 12 Metre Assoc.
Sara Mariani City of Newport Harbormaster Dept. 
Susan Maffei Plowden Suma Events
Topher Autry Bowen’s Wharf Marina
Veronica Brown Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What information will I have to provide to register?
    Some examples of registration information requested include: Boat name, LOA, type of boat, name and contact information of operator, is your vessel very maneuverable, moderately maneuverable or limited in maneuverability, list the names(s) of the person(s) you are celebrating or remembering,  historical references or background information on your vessel. Are you donating to a particular charity in honor of the person you are celebrating? (If so we can give them some mention on the radio broadcast).
  2. How are you making this a COVID safe parade?
    Sail Newport has an approved Covid Control Plan that lists the requirement for personal vessels to adhere to the current social gatherings guidelines. Professional, “Party Boats” or racing vessels will follow their own sector guidance. View “Party and Charter Boat Phase III Guidance” 
  3. What is the parade route?
    From Newport Harbor entrance, clockwise, passing to port:

    • Goat Island
    • Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard
    • Pier 9
    • Newport Yacht Club (where WADK will be broadcasting)
    • Bowen’s/Bannister’s/Yachting Center/Hammet’s Wharf
    • National Sailing Hall of Fame
    • IYRS
    • Casey’s Marina
    • Ida Lewis Yacht Club
    • New York Yacht Club
    • Sail Newport 
    • Fort Adams  State Park — parade ends
  4. What is the boat line-up?
    1. The parade order will be communicated on or before Friday, June 4 via the operator email address provided at registration. All boats will follow the lead of the Newport Harbormaster on VHF 71
  5. What are the speed regulations?
    1. Follow the harbor rules of 5 mph, no wake; Two to five boat lengths between each is our suggestion but this depends on the maneuverability of your boat.
  6. What is the flag etiquette for dressing ship?
    Generally, ships are not to be underway when dressed. However, exceptions can be made. In this scenario, it is advised to dress ship according to the following guidelines:

    1. Sail: Hoist from forestay only, run to the top of the mast.
    2. Power: Anchored on bow staff and run to the mast. If no mast, to something on the front of the cabin/tee top/mid section of the vessel.
    3. Flag sequence:
      1. two flags, one pennant, two flags, one pennant.
      2. Flags arranged according to this pattern starting from forward: AB2, UJ1, KE3, GH6, IV5, FL4, DM7, PO Third Repeater, RN First Repeater, ST Zero, CX9, WQ8, ZY Second Repeater.
      3. In this scenario, it is recommended to remove the ensign from its holder for a crew member to present at the reviewing stand with staff held horizontally and ensign vertically. This is done as a form of salute to the person/people being remembered and should be held for 30-60 seconds.
      4. A return salute should be made from shore.*Thank you to Captain Nicholas Brown for providing this protocol
  7. Will there be drone regulations?
    Drones cannot be flown in Fort Adams State Park. Please follow local and state guidelines when operating a drone.
  8. Can I fire cannons or use horns while remembering those I’ve lost?
    Yes, we ask that you save celebratory noises for after the blessing of the fleet by Reverend Jackie Kirby planned for 1720 and the rendition of Amazing Grace by the Newport Hibernians.
  9. What is your sustainability plan? Can I throw flowers into the water?
    We ask that you do not throw items overboard in remembrance of your loved one. Please help us keep Newport Harbor clean.
  10. What is the plan for bad weather?
    A rain date is scheduled for Monday, 6/7 and will be announced as early as possible.