Host an event at Sail Newport

Host an event at Sail Newport

Sail Newport hosts mission-related events at the Sail Newport Marine Education and Recreation Center.

We host events that are related to the regattas and programs that integrate with our purpose,  the community, and events for Sail Newport business members.

Sailing, marine-related lectures or clinics, classroom education, safety seminars, sailing regattas, clinics and post-regatta socials, J/22 boat charter (corporate team building and rental functions, group rental functions), special events & rendezvous with dockage (yacht cruise rendezvous, manufacturer rendezvous), marine-related community organization events (forums, annual meetings, local fleet meetings and awards functions), non-marine related community organization events, community organization meetings, sustainability organizations

For consideration: Marine Industry Events, Business Member Meetings, Storage Customer Meetings, Marine Related Commercial Operation

Sail Newport does not host social events that are not mission-related. Some examples, subject to consideration, of non-mission-related events, include:

  • weddings
  • bachelor or bachelorette parties
  • birthdays
  • bar/bat mitzvahs
  • anniversaries
  • memorials
  • non-marine or non-corporate member functions
  • member or public non-marine or mission-related social events
  • employee or board member non-marine or mission-related social events

We are happy to connect inquiries to the other special event locations in Fort Adams State Park.

Facility overview

The Sail Newport center has a spectacular view from the covered decks of our Marine Education and Recreation Center located on the water in Fort Adams State Park. Guests enjoy sweeping views of Newport Harbor, Brenton Cove and downtown Newport from our unique location.

View map of Fort Adams State Park.

The 11thHour Great Room is available for rental. There are many options for room set-up from sit down meals to casual cocktail parties and seminars.

The 11thHour Great Room is a versatile space that can be used for private or public lectures, board or sales meetings or special events.

Our covered deck has 3,800 square feet of usable multi-season space; unique waterfront views; multi-level outdoor spaces: a covered deck (2,000 sq ft), gas fireplace, seven floor-to-ceiling double doors; multiple men’s and women’s restroom facilities; full kitchen; elevator access; sustainable building design and natural wood features.

The space has built-in whiteboards and is fully tech-supported with projector and screen, surround sound with a wireless microphone and Sonos music (indoors and on the deck).

View blueprints of the facility.

Our 11th Hour Great Room can be modified with a floating wall structure to make several smaller spaces.

  • two 12’ x 20′, a 20’x 24’1 space, and a 12’x48’classroom or meeting room
  • an additional single permanent 12’x12’ room is connected to the kitchen and upper lobby
RoomSetup typeCapacity
11thHour Great Room & Covered DeckCocktail Style450 Guests
11thHour Great Room (1,700 sq ft)Cocktail Style225 Guests
11thHour Great Room (1,700 sq ft)Seated Dinner80 Guests
11thHour Great Room (1,700 sq ft)Theater Style Presentation100 Guests
11thHour Great Room (1,700 sq ft)Classroom Style80 Guests
12’ x 20’ Classroom (2 available)Boardroom Style12 Guests
12’ x 20’ Classroom (2 available)Theater Style Presentation15 Guests
12’ x 24’ Classroom (1 available)Boardroom Style25 Guests
12’ x 24’ Classroom (1 available)Theater Style Presentation40 Guests
12’ x 12’ Classroom (1 available)Boardroom Style10 Guests
12’ x 12’ Classroom (1 available)Theater Style Presentation10 Guests
½ 11thHour Great Room (12’ x 48’)Cocktail Style100 Guests
½ 11thHour Great Room (12’ x 48’)Theater Style Presentation50 Guests
½ 11thHour Great Room (12’ x 48’)Classroom Style50 Guests
Covered Deck Only (2,000 sq ft)Cocktail Style250 Guests

Sail Newport hosts non-alcohol events on our leased property from the State of Rhode Island. The policies, procedures, and pricing provided are based on non-alcohol events. While alcohol is allowed at Sail Newport events, these events must be explicitly approved by the State of Rhode Island, Department of Environmental Management and RI State Properties Committee. Additional permits, insurance, and liquor liability are required by individuals or companies requesting a function with alcohol. We will work with you to make certain your event is adequately permitted.

Sail Newport works to maximize our sustainability practices and limit our environmental impact. We require all vendors and clients to work with us on these efforts by abiding by the following guidelines:

  1. preference should be given to locally sourced food, beverage, and catering services.
  2. caterers are required to supply either reusable food service ware or use compostable or recyclable food service ware (plates, napkins, utensils and cups).
  3. no single-use plastic is to be served at Sail Newport. This includes single-use plastic water bottles.
  4. bulk containers will be used instead of individual packets (e.g., sugar, sauces, and milk jiggers).
  5. the use of wooden stirrers is required for coffee/tea service. No plastic straws.
  6. bars shall not supply cocktail napkins or plastic cocktail straws.
  7. any waste shall be sorted into recyclable, compostable (if possible) and landfill and taken by catering service whenever possible.
  8. non-toxic cleaning products shall be used when at all possible.
  9. please follow the City of Newport Guidelines for recycling and compost found on pages 4-5 here:

There is free and ample parking at Fort Adams State Park. No overnight parking is permitted unless approved by the Department of Environmental Management (DEM). The park manager’s office can be reached at 401.847.2400 where you can inquire as to cost of resident and non-resident temporary overnight parking stickers.

Sail Newport is an ADA-compliant accessible building. The exterior ramps allow access to the lower lobby and Dock Office.

Accessible restrooms and showers are also available on the ground floor. Access to these areas is also available from exterior ground level doors. A key to access the showers is available through the Dock Office.

Also, there is an elevator providing access to the upper floors.

Information is available on access to docks.

For those who wish to explore accessible sailing, another organization, Sail to Prevail, is located adjacent to our Dock Office. Please check their website for their programs and services.

Sail Newport’s is in-season for 2019 from April 30 – November 10.

Discounted rates are available during our offseason which will is November 11 – April 29, 2020.

General guidelines
  • with the use of Sail Newport, clients must agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the State of Rhode Island and the Department of Environmental Management (DEM).
  • Sail Newport does not guarantee the security of valuable items left in the event locations. The client is responsible for securing their valuables.
  • the client will ensure that outside vendors have on file a certificate of insurance that is in compliance with the State of Rhode Island two (2) weeks, ten (10) business days in advance of the event. Insurance certificates include: Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, Vehicle Liability Insurance and additional insurance as needed.
  • rental equipment delivery and pick up, including tent, should be discussed and approved with Sail Newport management as the facilities may be booked before or after your event.
  • smoking is not permitted in any part of the building including under the deck area. Smokers must move at least 30 feet from the building. cigarette or cigar “butts” must be disposed of in proper trash locations not on the grounds of the facility.
  • if additional municipal staffing is required by DEM, that fee will be accrued by the client.
  • there is parking available to clients and attendees on Fort Adams property, no overnight parking is permitted unless approved by DEM.
  • as with other local event destinations, a City of Newport firefighter may be required for your event. The Newport Fire Department will make the final determination regarding the number of firefighters required. The fee will be accrued by the client.
  • if drone usage is requested, the user must provide the machine’s registration information with the date(s) and times of the request. The request needs to be approved by DEM. The operator agrees to follow all local, state and federal rules and regulations required for drone usage.

If client cancels anytime from the date of booking through ninety (90) days prior to the event, 100% of the rental deposit is refundable.

If client cancels between sixty (60) and eighty-nine (89) calendar days prior to the event date, fifty percent (50%) of the rental deposit is refundable.

If client cancels between fifty-nine (59) and thirty (30) calendar days prior to the event date, twenty-five percent (25%) of the rental deposit is refundable.

Deposit is not refundable after thirty (30) calendar days of the event date.

8′ Table19White Plastic
6′ Table20White Plastic
8′ Table (Skinny)2Grey Metal
6′ Table (Skinny)2Grey Metal
Classroom Chair100Light Blue
Garden Chair70White
High Top Table5White Plastic
Coat Rack (25 hangers)2Metal

Below is a listing of choice vendors. Clients hosting events at Sail Newport are not required to contract with these vendors, however we regularly work with these vendors and they know our policies, procedures, and facility. We highly recommend their quality and service.

If a client does not wish to work with a preferred vendor they are required to connect the event manager with the vendor at least 30 days in advance for a site visit and review of the policies and procedures.

Catering & bar service

Blackstone Caterers
Shannon Driscoll
(401) 848-2030

McGrath Clambakes
Alexis Radkovich
(401) 847-7743

Blue Rocks Catering
Katie Iadarola
(401) 846-9902

Russell Morin
Kathleen Geasey
(401) 848-0472

Flat Waves Food Shack
Will Burgess
(401) 847-9283

Peaceable Market
Bryce Helie
(401) 846-0036

Rentals & tents

Felicia’s Perfect Setting
XO the Girls
(508) 679-9650

Newport Tent
Kim Brilhante
(401) 683-9160

PEAK Event Services
Kymberley Hurd
(401) 845-9393

Taylor Rental Party Plus
Keith Johnson
(401) 846-6100

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