Starting June 1, 2022, we will increase the annual senior membership fee from $25 to $50, and now offer a new membership level for single persons for a yearly fee of $75. Previously, single individuals only had the option of a $100 family membership so, we are introducing this to accommodate singles at a more economical level.

In addition, the household (family) membership will increase to $125 and will expand this membership to include up to three unrelated persons living in the same household. We believe this keeps our membership options more in step with our community.

Sail Newport is cost-conscious at its core, and we believe that despite these minimal increases, we will deliver a full menu of benefits and value to our members. Membership income directly impacts our ability to offer affordable access to the sport of sailing by providing a state-of-the-art sailing center, fleets of boats for public access, administration of regattas for all ages and many free programs to groups, schools, and community organizations.

We are proud that it has been many years since a membership fee increase, and ultimately the membership program changes will strengthen Sail Newport and our members’ experiences.