July 23, 2022

Newport Sailor Mike Marshall on “American Garage” had a bit of a slow start and sat out a black flag near the end of the series, but sailed steadily to win the 2022 J/24 World Championship in Corpus Christi, TX.  Sailing in a fleet of 38 boats from Argentina, Chile, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Trinidad, and the U.S., Marshallʻs crew included Dave Hughes (Miami, FL), Jeffrey Hayden (Newport, RI), Rod Favela (Dallas, TX) and Alan Terhune (Newport, RI, and Annapolis, MD).

“We got out of the gate slow,” Marshall says, “but we kept fighting for it and pushing and got a couple of good races. We had our mindset and motivated ourselves to work well as a team and went faster and faster.”

The top boats jockeyed for the top position all week with only four points spreading the first through fourth place finishers.   Fellow Newport sailor John Mollicone on “New England Ropes” hunted the top slot in every race but finished fourth overall in very tight numbers.

“It was a cool place to sail,” Marshall adds. “We used the small jib for three days, and on days one and five were in the genoa. It was hot, with warm water but windy every day.”

It was so tight that after the last race the team wasnʻt sure of the outcome. They pulled alongside the committee boat to check on the final math and learned they were the new J/24 world champions. ʻIt was great to find out we got it done,” Marshall adds.

Top Five Overall:

  1. American Garage, Mike Marshall, 8-2-5-1-1-5-[39/BFD]-2-3-2- ; 29
  2. Grand Slam 2, Paul Foerster, 1-1-1-7-6-1-4-7-2-[10]- ; 30
  3. Siesta, Nobuyuki Imai, 4-6-3-4-2-4-1-[10]-4-4- ; 32
  4. New England Ropes, John Mollicone, 5-3-2-3-[8]-6-3-3-7-1- ; 33