Team building

Team Building through Sailing

Sailing is an ideal sport for corporate and group training – and enjoyment. Our management staff had an outstanding experience that is still reaping benefits.

Mike Kelner, Fidelity


Being on a boat bonds a team of people together like no other sport. Participants are pushed to work together to harness the wind, weather, and waves to navigate their boats across the water and to the finish line.

Sail Newport’s fleet of fourteen J/22 sailboats are used for an afternoon, or a full day for your group. During the team building event, your guests will be challenged to work out their plan, make decisions, and work together to make the boat go in one direction. As in business, guests will have to create the strategy, use all of the resources of the boat–both human and equipment–and communicate effectively to build trust and success.

Sail Newport provides expert coaches to teach and guide, but the boats are operated by your guests who will learn each others strengths, and actively fill the roles of crew positions to sail their boat.


Your sailing experience can be followed with a casual reception at our waterfront facility.

Pricing and availability

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