Sail Newport Storage


Sail Newport offers seasonal boat storage at affordable rates to all boat owners with some restrictions. Our summer season allows for storage from May 1-October 15, and winter season from October 15-May 1. Sail Newport is a self-use facility. Boat owners are responsible for all aspects of use and maintenance of their vessels, including rigging, de-rigging, launching and hauling.

  • All vessels stored at Sail Newport must be kept on functional trailers or dollies, and must be able to be moved at any time.
  • All vessels must be registered for storage and paid in full upon their arrival to Sail Newport.

Important Note While Using the Sailing Center:

Boats must not be left in Fort Adams State Park parking lots overnight.  Boats and trailers will be ticketed and relocated to Sail Newport storage areas at owner’s risk and expense. 
Sail Newport and the Rhode Island State Department of Environmental Management (DEM) require all persons who use Sail Newport facilities to store boats and trailers in Sail Newport-leased areas only. At no time may a boat on a trailer or an empty trailer be left overnight in any of the paved or grass lots managed by DEM without the prior written consent of Sail Newport and DEM.  Any vessel or trailer left in DEM-controlled lots may be ticketed by DEM.  Any vessel or trailer that is moved by Sail Newport to one of the Sail Newport-controlled storage lots will be done at owner’s risk and expense of a $75 fee.  This full payment of this fee will be required before the boat owner may use the facilities at Sail Newport again.

Sail Newport offers full-time summer storage (May 1-Oct 15) and winter (Oct 15-May 1) for sailboats on dollies or trailers, using either a ramp, or one of the two, single-point hoists (max. weight 3 tons) for launching, and small dinghies/tenders that store on racks. We are an owner-operator facility. Boat owners are responsible for all aspects of use and maintenance of their vessels, including rigging, de-rigging, launching and hauling.

Rates are based on max. length x max. width. The basic rate is $4.50/sq.ft. for summer, and $3.50/sq. ft. for winter storage, although there are established flat rates set for many one design classes, and dinghies on dollies (up to 16′ x 5′).

Summer Storage at Sail Newport is offered to all actively used (see contract) sailboats for the term of May 1 to October 15, 2020. Sailboats must be kept on working trailers or dollies, and we reserve the right to move any vessel at any time, most often for facility maintenance purposes. Sail Newport has available, use of two single-point hoists (fees can be included in your summer storage, membership, or hoist-pack fees), which have capacities of two tons and three tons. We also have a gin pole available for public use. We are an owner-operator facility, so be sure to plan to have a capable crew with you for your launching, hauling and rigging needs.

North Dry-sail Area vs. South Dry-sail Area

Our North Dry-sail Area is the paved, painted lot closest to the Admiral’s Pier (our hoist pier). Our South Dry-sail Area is the gravel and clam-shell area directly behind Sail Newport’s Main Office. The South Yard will be organized by group to consolidate traffic to specific areas based on which nights each class’s series will sail. The North Dry-sail Area is reserved for one-design class boat owners who sail regularly in local season-long racing series. If you have any question as to whether you fall into this category, please call us at (401) 846-1983 before filling out a contract. Please be sure to fill out your contract correctly indicating which area you want to store in. Space is limited in both yards, so take care in completing your storage contract such that you are placed in your desired area.

Rates are based on length overall multiplied by max beam (width). The basic rate is $4.50 sq./ft. for summer, not including any hoist fees.

Membership requirements

Membership is required to store a boat during the summer. If you are unsure of your member status, please email us, or call (401) 846-1983. If you are not a member, please visit our membership page.

Apply for Summer Storage

Please respect our beautiful state park and the people in charge of managing activities here for the pleasure of recreation in Fort Adams.  Here are the guidelines:

Daylight Hours: 

  • For daytime occasional parking, a permit is not required for vehicle parking
  • The free parking applies only to vehicles.  If you have a trailer or trailer with a boat on it, you must have a storage contract with Sail Newport and park only within Sail Newport designated storage areas or at the direction of Sail Newport staff.
  • The exception to this is the parking near the deep water dock in back of the Mule Barn. Those spots are available to vehicles with empty boat trailers who are boating during daylight hours and will depart by sunset or by special arrangements with the park manager.  These spots are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Overnight Hours:

  • With a permit issued by D.E.M. via the park manager’s office, you may park a vehicle in any designated parking spot (not on the grass anywhere, not in the road-ever!).
  • If you purchase an overnight parking pass and will be leaving your vehicle for more than one night, we ask that you contact the park manager’s office with your plans so that you can get directions on where to leave the vehicle in a space that won’t obstruct traffic flow or an event.
  • To find the park office:
    • Located in the Fort Adams State Park Visitor’s Center which is a brick building located just north of the lower parking lot at 90 Fort Adams Drive.
    • You will see a sign  on the building marked “Visitor’s Center”

Contact: Bruce Thompson, Park Manager
T: (401) 847-2400

Sail Newport has a very limited amount of space authorized by D.E.M. to allow small dinghy tie-up.

With a storage contract with Sail Newport, dinghies may tie up during the season if:

  • The dinghy has an LOA no greater than 11′ (including outboard and overhang)
  • The only area available is designated on the south side of the South Alofsin Pier on the innermost pier, east and west sides
  • If the dinghy has a motor, the boat must display a valid state registration sticker and numbers
  • All dinghies must display a Sail Newport-provided storage sticker inside the transom near the engine


  • Although there is water and power on the docks and piers, this service is only available to paying storage customers and not for public consumption

Public Access for dinghies

  • As a reminder, if space allows, the public may use the piers to tie-up a dinghy or other boat for three hours at no fee and with no storage contract to permit public use of the state park facility.   The Jamestown Ferry and Oldport Marine launch has use of the water taxi designated dock and that area is to be kept clear at all times

Regatta Information

  • The docks and piers are often full of vessels for regattas and events.  These events are all operated with a special permit approved by DEM.

Sail Newport offers winter storage for all boats (power and sail) on dollies, trailers, or poppits. Available dates for storage are October 15, 2019 through May 1, 2020. All boats must be removed from the facility by May 1, 2020. Boats not removed by this date will incur a daily storage fee of $25.

Boat owners who would like to store on poppits must contract with one of the local hauling companies. Sail Newport does not have poppits to rent.

Membership requirements

Membership is not required for winter storage. If you would like to become a member, please visit our membership page. If you are unsure of your member status, please email us, or call (401) 846-1983.

Please note: Laser sailors sailing with Fleet 413 do not need to fill out a storage contract–storage is included with your registration.

Summer Storage

Have questions about storage?

Contact Nick Mauprivez, Storage and Dockage Manager

Phone: (401) 266-9885