2021-22 Winter Storage

What kind of boat can I store at Sail Newport?
We offer storage for all boats (power and sail) on dollies, trailers, or poppets.
(Bring your own poppets.)

What is the time period of “Winter Storage”?
Winter Storage is available from October 15 until May 1 each year.

Do I need to be a member to store a boat at Sail Newport?
It is not mandatory that a boat owner become a member for Winter Storage. But we sure appreciate the support if you will consider joining!  If you choose to store here in the summer then you will be required to be a member at that time.

My boat is not a one-design or the type not listed – how do I register?
Skip to the bottom option “Other” and you will be able to calculate the Winter Storage rates based on L x W for a flat rate.

What is Dockwa?
When you click on a button below, you will be taken to our dockage partner platform Dockwa. Rest assured that we will will receive all reservation requests immediately.

email Dockage Manager

One-Design Storage

Shields, Etchells, J80: $680
J24, M24, Sonar: $630
J22, J70, Melges 20: $550
Viper640 and VX One: $550
Lightning and Thistle: $365

Dinghy Storage

Dinghies over 16′ on dollie: $365
Dinghies under/equal to 16′ on dollie: $150

Rack Storage

Kayak, paddleboard, small power dinghy: $95

Other storage

Power boats, non-one-design vessels: $3.75/square ft.